Explore The Revolution of JPX Skin Solutions


The revolution of bio stimulation of the skin without needles in all seasons.

A cosmetic formulation based on Chloroacetic acid, Kojic acid, Mandelic acid, Urea peroxide and Antioxidants.

The innovative formula of combining the effects of Urea and high concentration of MCA for effective dermostimulation.


    -Loss of skin firmness on the face, neck and decollete

    -Adjuvant for acne and depressed acne scars

    -Adjuvant in the treatment of melasma and cutaneous hyperpigmentation

    -Adjuvant in the treatment of stretch marks



    -It has ZERO downtime

    -Can be performed in all seasons, all year long

    -No pain, burning or frosting

    -Requires only 10-15minutes session

    -Immediate palpable skin firmness


    Cleanse the skin with primer or with a mild cleanser then dry thoroughly. Apply JPX 3 Bio on the skin using an applicator brush and massage until completely absorbed. Repeat the application for at least 2-3 times depending on the skin's sensitivity and phototype. Rise and dry well. Apply a soothing and nourishing cream onto the treated area.

JPX rose

A Delicate Formulation Designed for Intimate Areas.

The ideal solutions for those who feel uncomfortable with the unsightly look of dark spots caused by melanocytes or due to the loss of youthfulness and tone in their intimate body parts.

Professional use cosmetic with Monochloroacetic acid, Kojic acid, Urea peroxide, and Bisabolol for effective skin lightening and rejuvenation of the intimate areas of the body.

Recommended for use in sensitive areas such as the underarm, mons pubis, labia majora, perianal region, and the inguinal area.


    -Monochloroacetic acid 33%- revitalizes the appearance of the intimate areasq

    -Kojic acid 5%- visibly enhances skin clarity

    -Urea Peroxide– acts as a humectant & increases the water content of the epidermis facilitating deeper penetration of MCA

    -Bisabolol- softens and soothes the skin due to its antioxidant properties


    -Requires only 10 to 15 minutes session

    -No risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation

    -The exclusive vial with dropper has been designed to allow:

    1. Fast execution and application

    2. Broad and uniform distribiution

    3. Greater comfort for the clients


    Cleanse the intimate skin area and apply a primer and dry thoroughly. Remove the cap & the metal vial closure and apply the dropper nozzle. Apply sufficient quantityon the intimate area of concern (underarm/ mons pubis/ labia majora/ perianal region/ inguinal area) and massage until completely absorbed. Appy 3 to 4 layers. Let it stay for two (2) to three (3) minutes.5.Remove the remaining product with wet cotton pads then applyJPXNeutro6. Next evening after the treatment apply SPX Care Serum. Full treatment requires 4 to 6 session spaced 7 to 10 days apart.